Alessaro's Story


 The Alessaro story

…began on a 2500 mile road trip! Along the way, I toured a stunning church and bought keepsakes. As a seasoned gift buyer in Santa Barbara of 19 years, I had an idea - to create the Santa Barbara Mission as an ornament. Nineteen years later, and after an exhaustive search for a quality hand-made product that rivals any piece of art, our dream has come true.

Welcome to Alessaro Designs!

We now sell over 300 beautiful, handmade keepsake designs that we make for local and global institutions alike. Share your ornaments through the mail by sending with just a single postage stamp. Mail it, share it, decorate and collect them to enjoy at home.

Our mission is simple:

through our cards and gifts, we encourage friends friends and families to spread the memories of places traveled, people met, and celebrate lives well lived.


Share the memories!